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Clear Cshell Clamshell Cases

These US Made clear cases hold both CDs and DVDs with style as they offer great protection for your discs while your artwork can shine through.
They are available in cartons of 200 ($80) or 500 ($200) plus shipping.

Email or call toll free 888-556-5563 for orders.

CD/DVD Gripz Foam Hubs

Self-adhesive CD/DVD hub posts perfect for adhering discs to promotional pieces or attaching data discs to files and folders.
  • Higher density foam than other CD hubs
  • Foam1/8" high
  • No rotational alignment needed
  • Eight gripping edges to firmly hold disc
  • Supplied on rolls with no plastic waste
  • Black and white in stock
  • Cut to your required quantity
  • 3M 300LSE acrylic adhesive backing
  • Made in the USA

We can ship any quantity of Poly Hubs.

Please email us at or call toll free at 888-556-5563 for pricing and shipping information!

Cardstor - PCMCIA Case

Cardstor is a non-breakable, clear soft plastic case with a hinged end. The Cardstor is sized to hold Type l and Type II PCMCIA cards, hotel keycards and sewing machine cards.

Each Cardstor holds up to 5 credit cards, gift and membership or I.D. cards and up to 20 business cards. It's a super way to protect your business cards from damage in your pocket or wallet.

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Digitally Printed or Replicated CDs and DVDs!

Get your discs duplicated/replicated and add visual impact to your marketing or software package with printing on your CDs or DVDs. A full color digitally printed CD or DVD is a great way to grab attention.

Why settle for a plain label on your CD when digital printing is so affordable?

From single color CDs or DVDs to high volume digital disc replication, we offer the highest quality disc printing and duplication and replication services available at very competitive prices.
Put your duplicated CD/DVD into a C-Shell and your product will really stand out.

Please email for pricing and shipping information.

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